69th Republic Day Celebration


Republic Day was celebrated by the staff and students of Gurukul Global School with patriotic fervour. Mr. Ram Nath Shaw the secretary of the school hoisted the national flag and spoke to the gathering about the sanctity of the occasion and the role played by the Constitutional makers, with particular reference to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. School principal Mr. Ajitesh Gupta threw light on various tasks to be undertaken by the present students who are the future citizens of the country. Cultural activities were held and the gathering was treated with some spectacular musical feats and poems by junior wing. The program is ended with distribution of sweets.




Go as you like ( Pg-Nur- KG1) Time for some splashing fun. Cheers ‘n’ Jolly time for everyone because it’s Children’s Day. May the love and laughter always stay on every child’s face. Children's Day was celebrated at Gurukul Global School with enthusiasm. The programme began with prayer and tributes to Chacha Nehru. The program was divided into three phases. The first phase started with Go as You Like by the students of Play Group, Nursery and KG I.


Inter- School competitions in various games and sports like Football, Cricket, Badminton, Carom, Chess etc is organised in Gurukul Global School to educate the child physically and mentally. The competitions will be between four houses of our school. 






The workshop on “Motivation” was conducted by “Oxford University Press" in Gurukul Global School. The workshop was attended by the teachers of “Gurukul Garifa Arati Academy” and “Gurukul Global School”. It is a good platform to address some academic issues/challenges/problems/ doubts and all the queries of how to tackle different students and motivate them. The workshop aimed at providing a meaningful dialogue between the teachers and the subject rather than just being a subject of information. The session started with a video that showed the bitter truth of the education and conditions what students face today. Mr. Devakalpa Ghose, the academic consultant from Usha Martin group of seven schools in Eastern India since 2010 conducted the workshop and stressed on the role of facilitator in connecting the past with the present and also encouraged the teachers to co-relate the subject with the contemporary situations to make the students more empathetic towards their surroundings.

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